The Dual Dilemma: Public and Expert Ambivalence Towards AI's Future

12.02.2024|Christian Kreutz

The role of artificial intelligence and its impact on society is a topic filled with uncertainty, as shown by a global study from the University of Queensland in Australia. Nearly two-thirds of respondents expressed uncertainty about AI's potential consequences. Source Interestingly, this sentiment is shared by experts as well; a survey of 2,778 experts showed that many are unsure about the long-term value of AI progress. Source The citizen survey also revealed varying levels of trust and acceptance towards AI systems across different countries. Surprisingly, India and China exhibit high levels of trust at 75% and 67%, respectively, while Japan and Finland have low levels of acceptance at only 25%. This is striking given that most online users encounter algorithm-driven services on a daily basis, yet still harbor mistrust towards AI systems as a whole. The adoption rate of chatgpt raises questions about whether this level of mistrust will continue to be prevalent in certain countries.