When AI Took Over the ILO: A Hilarious Tale of Predicting Job Impacts

24.01.2024|Christian Kreutz

It's both intriguing and somewhat amusing. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has recently conducted a study examining the potential impact of generative AI on the job market. However, instead of relying solely on their own research, they turned to chatGPT, a generative AI, for its assessment. The researcher provided job descriptions and tasked chatGPT with predicting the level of automation for each task.

"We approach our predicted task-level scores with skepticism. However, following a comprehensive manual review of 3,123 tasks across all ISCO-08 occupations, we found no evidence of bias in one direction: highly automatable tasks, such as typing, consistently received high scores."

But the question lingers: why did they choose chatGPT in the first place? It's not surprising that their findings align with contemporary studies that didn't anticipate the rise of generative AI.

Read the full study here

ILO Working Paper on Generative AI