20 inspiring open source innovation communities and tools from around the world

20.07.2015| Christian Kreutz
Knitic – Open hardware knitting machine https://www.flickr.com/photos/mcanet/17298221676

Last updated: 04.09.15

Open source software has become a strong movement and as it gains popularity it leads most software companies to engage with the expanding open source community. All things digital, being it music, photos, etc., have in one way or another become free thanks to some clever licenses. What is not so often noticed is how the vision of open source spreads to other sectors and leads to a fascinating array of tools, thanks for example to 3D printing, and communities, which form a new way of open collaboration. I made a small exploration to search for great projects.

To begin with, there is a nice definition by the University of Hamburg:

Open Source Innovation, according to our definition, refers to an innovation, which is (1) generated through volunteer contributions and (2) characterised by a non-market transfer of knowledge between the actors involved in invention and those involved in exploitation. Open Source Innovation project

Products and tools


Do you know of any other projects and communities? Tell me about in the comment section!